Hypertufa Pots

By K

This year my 4-H garden project is a container garden. I wanted some interesting containers for my plants, and someone gave my mum 7 bags of hypertufa mix, so we decided to try making hypertufa pots.

Here is a hypertufa Totoro my mum made.





This is the first pot I made. We used a cardboard box as our mold, because that’s what all the websites said to use, but it didn’t work out so well because the cardboard sagged a lot and we had to use boards and clamps to keep it up! I like the look of it now, but I was worried about how it would look while it was drying. It took a long time to dry, I think because it was so thick. The thicker the walls, the longer it takes to dry. We’re hoping this means that it will be stronger!

Here it is, planted with dwarf marjoram, lemon thyme, some ornamental grass and some stachys or lamb’s ears.


Here I am making my second set of pots. This time I used plastic hanging basket containers and molded the mixture inside. They aren’t very big but on their outsides they have the wavey pattern of the container, which looks really cool.

We mixed the hypertufa mixture in the wheelbarrow you can see behind me in this photo. I’m using the hypertufa plastic packaging as my work surface. Wear gloves when you’re doing this – the mixture is supposed to be very caustic on your skin.

I molded the mixture very tightly into each planter pot, starting with the bottom and working my way up. It took me about half an hour to complete each pot.

Here is one of the finished pots! I put some Johnny Jump Ups in it.

Don’t forget to make drainage holes in the bottom of your pots, so the water can drain.

I have one more planter pot sitting in the basement, drying. It’s been drying for a couple of weeks, so I can’t include a finished photo of it. Next time!

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