Transplanting Tomatoes

By D

Last week we transplanted the tomatoes that were in our greenhouse. They were so leggy that we decided to put them in the ground even though it was still pretty cold.

I’m going to show you the photos we took of each step and tell you a little about what we did with each photo.

Here is the hole you dig first of all. It needs to be at least 6″ deep.



Next sprinkle a little bone meal in the bottom of the hole. The bone meal helps the roots grow faster and it also feeds the soil.




Next, get your tomatoes. Here you can see that we have two plants in each pot. They grew a bit too fast in my grandfather’s greenhouse – you can see how tall and spindly they are. They should have thicker stems than this.





Now we put the tomato plant in the ground. Can you see the plant tag on the stem in this photo? That’s how deep we planted each tomato plant. If you plant them this way they will get a chance to grow sturdier stems. According to the garden books they will also have a better root system.

Next we filled the hole with compost and potting soil, so that the soil surrounding the tomato is more loamy than the heavy garden soil. This will help with drainage, too.






Finally, we sprinkled eggshells on the surface around the tomato plant. My mum read somewhere that it helps with blossom end rot, and we always use it with any tomatoes we put in pots, but we tried it here to feed the tomato plant AND to keep any slugs away!





Afterwards we placed a plastic tunnel cloche over them. We’ll remove it when the rain stops and the weather warms up. We use a staking system to support the plants as they grow. I’ll write a post about that next time.

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